The MEDALComposer is an entirely new way to dynamically integrate original music into your systems, software, toys, games and services.

MEDAL Expertise

The TECHLODY Team  develops musical applications in the growing field of affective computing for smart Toys, video Games and Mobile Phones/PDAs.


The MEDALComposer enables creative composition and music creation. With MEDAL's music manipulation capabilities, it’s possible to offer children  instant music morphing and manipulation limited only by their creative imagination.
Every time the child plays with his toy or game, he can either find again the same music or make it evolve into new satisfying melodies.
Tied to very specific cues, time, date, temperature, noise level, touch--almost any input imaginable, the MEDALComposer helps your child to understand the magic of composing by taking interactivity to a wondrous new level.
Musical Box
The MEDALComposer technology is suitable for :

•    Educational toys, electronics books
•    Electronic games
•    Dolls (musical, talking, singing)
•    Greeting musical cards
•    Musical watches & clocks
•    Musical Boxes
•    Musical Snow Globes
•    Interactive musical Pets
•    Pre-school musical Toys…


The revolutionary LodyOne


Video games should be about enticing story lines, killer graphics, and sizzling audio tracks. But how many times have you muted the audio because it became too repetitive, too monotonous?
What if the music was different every time the game was played? What if each gamer had a completely different audio experience based on their own listening preferences? Pretty exciting "what ifs."
The MEDALComposer is a musical interface that offers additional audio capabilities than were previously thought possible. The MEDALComposer's instant music composition engine can react instantaneously to many gamer inputs. It can change music type, style, tempo, key, instrument or any attribute of the audio track in real time, reacting to the fine interactive elements of the most challenging gaming environment. With the MEDALComposer, the audio track can automatically morph as the game progresses, without the repetitious sound of repeating or looped music! Like we said, exciting.VIDEO GAMES

Revolutionize your total gaming environment. Enjoy your favorite game the way it was intended--each time you turn it on. Play it again for the first time.


The MEDALComposer is exactly what the wireless generation needs: Mobile Phones / PDAs
the ability to play fully interactive music that is always fresh, always different. It's well suited for the emerging wireless gaming and polyphonic ring tone markets where continuously looped music and static ring tones are now considered "old technology."
Imagine yourself creating your own musical universe : deciding to keep your music or change it depending on the circumstances of the day. You can even choose never to hear the same music twice ! It is really a new gaming world !
Consider also the possibility of making unique musical ring tones in any style, with a wide choice of instruments or compositions.

With MEDALComposer you enhance your wireless experience.
You easily create real-time, interactive music. A real entertainment !

Not described here, other fun and interactive features are available.

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