The MEDAL Composer

The MEDALComposer is a self-generating music composition engine capable of composing virtually millions of musical themes from a predetermined set of musical parameters.

MEDAL Expertise

The TECHLODY Team  develops musical applications in the growing field of affective computing for smart Toys, video Games and Mobile Phones/PDAs.


Simply select a desired style of music, press compose, and the MedalComposer automatically creates a full musical composition--instantaneously ! If you like it you can save it.


Input : up to eight notes (in MIDI format) of any original favorite tune as a seed of inspiration, and the MedalComposer will weave harmonious compositions in the flavor of the core eight notes.


Input : any full-length original song (in MIDI format), and the MedalComposer will output completely new and original arrangements of the core melody. Input a classical song, and remix the arrangement to country, rock, or any style desired.


Input : any full-length original composition (composed in MIDI format or through a song created by the MedalComposer) and you will have infinite variations of the original song with the flexibility to change length of composition, lead instrumentation, key, tempo, or any MIDI variable--all in real time ! 


The MedalComposer's powerful software engine can be easily integrated into most chip sets, offering unique music generation for almost any application. And it can be hosted on most hardware or server platforms using a minimal amount of processor capacity.


Written in C
8 bit processor, 2.5 Mips
From 16 kbytes to 48 kbytes rom (depending on the number of required styles and musical performance)
From 50 bytes to 2,5 kbytes ram depending on the application
General Midi Synthesizer 

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